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Target Blu Eye - Professional Approved Installations

Professional Target Blu Eye Installation - Don't Compare Our Installs with other Companies.

Not all advertised Blu Eye Installs are the same....

We may cost a little more but our team of installers are highly trained
and have experience working on the most exotic and rarest cars in the world. We never send untrained staff to work on your pride and joy and can assure you all our installers are fully insured and will warranty all of their work.

At no time will our installation effect your warranty. Our engineers specifically install to the wiring specifications of the manufacturer of your vehicle; far too many installers don't adhere to manufacturer guidelines and go for the easy option, this can render you warranty void.

"Unlike some installers, our installers leave 'no' damage, drill 'no' holes
and carry out the installation so that when you remove the system from your vehicle there is 'no trace' left behind".

Our installers understand radio systems meaning the installation of the system will optimise reception without leaving you with unsightly wires or antennas.

"Where necessary, custom brackets are made to finish off the system and certain parts of the system are upgraded, from the std manufacturers specifications, to higher quality components to improve reception and detection range on the Target Blu Eye device"

Our engineers will come to you to install the system at an agreed date and time, making this simple and hassle free for you.

Your new Target Blue Eye system will be pre-programmed, registered and fully set up before our engineers leave, unlike other companies that will leave you to do this yourself. We also change some of the existing kit so to improve the overall functionality of the device. Also included in the cost is a custom bracket that is more discreet and more suited to high end vehicles.

We don't believe you will find a more reassuring installation team to work on your vehicle.

Our Team specialise in Installing into the following makes of vehicles: Ferrari, Mclaren, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, Aston Martin, Nissan GTR, TVR, AMG, Maserati and more.

Please see our facebook professional install page here:

Target Blu Eye - Range Rover Vogue

Target Blu Eye - 2014 Range Rover Vogue

Target Blu Eye - Ferrari F12

Target Blu Eye - Ferrari F12

Target Blu Eye - McLaren-MP4-12C

Target Blu Eye - McLaren-MP4-12C