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£1,000 gadget that lets speeders spot police cars half a mile away: Device blasted
by police as a 'passport to villainy'

  • The dashboard-mounted Target Blu Eye picks up encoded radio signals
  • It can detect police cars, including unmarked vehicles, half a mile away
  • The device uses coloured lights according to warn of police cars' proximity
  • But crime commissioner Ian Johnston has called for device to be banned
  • He said there was no legitimate reason for a law-abiding citizen to own one

A gadget that alerts speeding drivers when emergency vehicles are nearby was last night facing calls by police and motoring organisations to be banned.

The £999 Target Blu Eye is a dashboard-mounted device which, astonishingly, is perfectly legal, according to its makers.

It can detect when police cars – even unmarked vehicles – are more than half a mile away by picking up encoded radio signals, and then sends a warning to the motorist.

Target Blu Eye - Reviews

When a 999 vehicle is within 1,200 yards, it sets off a green light on the display. As it gets nearer, the lights go to amber and finally they go red when it is just yards away. The device can even detect the radio signals from police officers on the beat and force helicopters.

He said: ‘This device is a passport to villainy and there is no legitimate reason for a law-abiding person to have one. The sellers are being very naive if they believe that they will be used to reduce accidents.

‘A criminal will carry out a drug deal, see a light on their dashboard and then ditch their illegal stash, only to pick it up when the police aren’t around – or a motorist will be speeding on the motorway, an alert will pop up and they’ll slow down.’

Devices that detect the position of speed cameras are legal for use on UK roads. Several years ago, legislation was proposed to make detectors with radar and laser illegal, but the ban did not go ahead.

The Mail on Sunday took a red Vauxhall Corsa fitted with the device for a test drive on Friday with Naeem Khokhar, the managing director of CBS Automotive. The device’s aerial was concealed behind the car’s rear-view mirror while its control box was hidden in the glovebox. The LED alert panel was mounted next to the car’s controls. As we pulled out of the firm’s Cambridge headquarters, the device automatically started registering two lights out of five.

Mr Khokhar said it was likely that it had been set off by the British Transport Police officers, who are stationed close to his office. As we drove along the street, the panel’s lights flashed again – this time the cause was a traffic warden.

Target Blu Eye - Reviews

The Target Blu Eye emits a beep when a vehicle is within range and a double-beep if the radio is transmitting data – meaning that emergency service personnel are talking over the radio. We parked near to ambulances at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and all five lights lit up.

Mr Khokhar said: ‘There have been times when I’ve stopped at traffic lights and the Blu Eye starts going off but I can’t see any other vehicles. I have then driven off and seen a police car behind a bush.’

Mr Khokhar denied there was potential for the devices to be used for criminal activity. He said: ‘If anything, these devices are a criminal prevention tool. If you are planning to carry out a crime where there are emergency vehicles and the device is going off then you wouldn’t dare go through with it.’

But Steve Evans, vice-chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: ‘We have grave concerns about any product that may be used to compromise police officers’ or public safety.’

AA spokesman Luke Bosdet added: ‘The only person who will have one of these fitted to their cars is the type of person who is trying to dodge the law.’

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Police Infuriated About New “Cop Detecting” Device That Warns People When a Cop is Near

A powerful new device has hit the market that promises to warn drivers of nearby emergency vehicles, including police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. The device is called “Target Blu Eye” and is being sold by the Dutch Company “Target Automotive.

The Blu Eye system works by monitoring frequencies that are used by emergency vehicles and then alerts the driver when those frequencies are nearby. It does not allow the driver to listen in on the encrypted communications, but will simply give a signal when those frequencies are nearby.

This is far more advanced and accurate than a traditional radar detector, because this device works even when the officer has their radar and other equipment turned off.

Police representatives and mainstream media sources are not pleased that this device is on the market, because it will give oppressed drivers an edge on police who depend on the element of surprise to generate their revenue.

The Sunday Times published an attack piece on the invention this week, calling it a “gadget for crooks,” and suggested that it undermines the goals of law enforcement.

“As it does not distinguish between a police car, ambulance or fire engine responding to an emergency or one that is simply driving under non-blue-light conditions, this particular device is sadly just as likely to be bought by a minority of motorists who wish to evade being caught behaving illegally,” Bizley said.

The Target Blu Eye system sells for about $1,600 in Europe, where the device is currently being sold. The type of frequencies that the system is trained to detect are only used by emergency vehicles in Europe. However, according to Fox News, Target Managing Director Jan Rijks said a version that will be compatible with emergency vehicles in the US is nearly ready for release, and could be released sometime in 2015.

Rijks also responded to the attacks against his invention, saying that: “We promote the safe side. Of course, people may say, ‘I want, now and then, to drive a little faster,’ but in a big city there is no licence to speed because there is always the presence of emergency vehicles, which could be ambulances or fire engines. People driving with Blu Eye are more aware of their speed and driving behaviour because you get alerts, which makes people check that they are doing everything OK.

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