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Target Blu eye - Approved ResellerTarget Blu Eye - An Eye For SafetyTarget Blu Eye Approved Installation - 01159 599 995Target Blue Eye, traffic safety system, warns of approaching emergency service vehicles, police, ambulance and other emergency vehicle detectorTarget Blu Eye Approved Stock

Target Blu Eye

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2017 UK/EU Model - Target Blu Eye
: An Eye For Safety
New Model with Uprated tetra Antenna

Warns you of approaching emergency services such as
marked and unmarked police cars, ambulances and fire engines.

Target Blu Eye is a unique and worldwide patented traffic safety system that warns you in advance of approaching emergency service vehicles. In the UK all the emergency services use Tetra radios and Target Blu Eye will let you know when they are close come day or night. So whilst driving at night, even if the emergency vehicle is not using their lights or sirens, Target Blue will alert you of their presence up to a kilometre radius.

“Target Blu Eye Alerts you of approaching police vehicles marked or unmarked...”

Target Blu Eye uses both visual and audible warnings to let you know what’s out there. Within seconds of an emergency vehicle being in the radius, the signal will be activated and the signal strength meter in your vehicle will give you enough warning allowing you move safely out of the way.

Target Blu Eye/Blue Eye, Traffic safety system warns of approaching emergency service vehicles such as police, ambulance and other
emergency vehicles

Target Blu Eye - Full Kit

£845 Inc Vat & Delivery - Target Blu Eye 2017 New Version- BUY NOW

Authorised Target Blu Eye Range  

Target Blu Eye: Based on Tetra Technology


The innovative and new traffic safety system Target Blu Eye consists of a central unit, a control display and an external antenna. The system is based on the Airwave (TETRA) network. If an emergency service, e.g. a police car, is nearby, you will be warned in advance with an acoustic and visual alert. The signal strength meter on the control display allows you to see at first glance whether an emergency vehicle is approaching you or moving away from you.

Acoustic warnings

The communication system used by emergency services in your country generates four types of communication patterns. Target Blu Eye recognizes all four patterns and produces four different acoustic signals. All signals indicate the presence of an emergency service close to you. For more detailed information, go to the user manual.

Visual warnings

Besides acoustic warnings Target Blu Eye also generates visual warnings by means of the signal strength meter on the control display. If an emergency vehicle approaches you, regardless from which direction, the signal strength meter gives you an estimated indication about the distance between you and the emergency vehicle. For more detailed information go to the user manual.

Sensitivity mode

Two sensitivity modes can be selected on the Target Blu Eye control display:

  1. Highway mode: in this mode Target Blu Eye offers the highest sensitivity, which allows the system to recognize emergency services from a large distance.
  2. City mode: in this mode Target Blu Eye offers a lower sensitivity. This mode is recommended for use in urban areas.
  3. The range depends on the selected sensitivity mode and the environment.

All Target Blu Eye Approved Distributors / Resellers have been selected for their eligibility and suitability due to their size, outlook, professionalism and ability to offer good customer service and support. 


1) Check they are a registered company
2) Check they are VAT registered
3) Check the company address is an office and NOT a residential address - If they have a residential address just be wary you many not get the support or warranty you would expect. Would you want to be handing over £100's to someone running a business from there home?

What happens if a Target product is bought from a non-approved reseller?

If a Target Blu Eye product is bought from a non approved source, the purchaser WILL NOT be eligible to receive any customer support from Target post-purchase; furthermore, the product will only be covered by a 28 day warranty, compared with the usual 2 year warranty on products bought from Target Approved Reseller.

Target Blu Eye Authorised Distributer